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Become a Vendor

Avenue One Properties services most types of properties and specializes in single family, townhome, patio home, condominium, and master planned HOA communities.

Each year, clients of Avenue One Properties Management award millions of dollars in contract labor jobs throughout communities in Colorado. That’s a lot of business! We have an expansive vendor pool that includes a broad range of contract labor companies specializing in commercial clients.

We select vendors who have signed up and have their compliance documents (Certificate of Insurance, W-9, Workers’ Compensation, and Master Service Agreement). We don’t limit ourselves to the same old industry list of vendors, our goal is to find quality vendors that fit the needs of our communities.

Compliance Documents

Submit compliance documents (W-9, COI, MSA, etc.) directly to Brittany Lay ( upon sign-up. Compliance documents are stored in the Avenue One Properties system, where they are monitored continuously by Avenue One Properties team to ensure eligibility to work with the property management company. Avenue One Properties will update your compliance documents with the property management company annually, so you don’t have to; this ensures you never lose eligibility to work with Avenue One Properties.

New Vendor Registration Form

Legal Address (same as on W-9):

Billing Address :

Contact Information:

Use bright image and size should be less than 5mb. Allowed file types (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf)
Use bright image and size should be less than 5mb. Allowed file types (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf)

Having trouble filling the form? Click here to download, fill and email


Please verify that the W-9 is completed. The Social Security Number (SSN) or the Employer Identification Number (EIN) should be listed. Both numbers should not be listed. The number that the vendor uses to file a tax return should be listed. The W-9 should be signed and dated. Any forms submitted without all fields completed, a W-9, insurance certification showing proof of general liability coverage and workers compensation coverage (or if none, a workers compensation waiver provided by your insurance company), will be deemed incomplete and rejected. No employee or any other representative of applicant can conduct work on the property until this information is received and verified.

All Invoices must be submitted to Please bill invoice to the Association and not Avenue One Properties.