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Accounting & Financial Services

Tailored to meet the exact needs of your community

Accounting & Financial Services

Managing your association's finances, handling accounts payable and receivables, and maintaining complete, accurate, and timely financial records is at the heart of any well run community association.

From online payments to budget analysis, our experienced, financial and accounting professionals provide tailored services designed to help your homeowners association manage its finances. We provide all the necessary financial tools and information your association and its board will need to make sound management decisions.

We provide easy to understand, timely, and accurate financial data while assisting the board of directors in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations and responsibilities. All this with easy to understand reports and access to our professional team to hep answer questions. The financial success of your community is our top priority.

Budget Planning & Preparation

We prepare comprehensive annual operating budgets to the Board of Directors. This includes analysis of repair and maintenance needs, operating expenses and any capital improvements anticipated for that period including reserve fund requirements as applicable.

Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reporting

We create and distribute easy to read and understand financial reports, designed to make your board's fiduciary responsibilities as easy as possible.

Federal & State Tax and Document Filing

We will work with your community’s accountant or accounting firm to deliver all necessary financial reports required for filing annual Federal and State tax returns.

Account Reconciliation & Balancing

We maintain checking and other income accounts such as savings and reserve accounts - and ensure all income accounts are properly reconciled each month.

Process Assessments & Payments

Bill and collect all general assessments, special assessments and other miscellaneous billings. We record & deposit all assessments & other charges on your Association’s behalf as well as pursue delinquent accounts.

Revenue Collection & Delinquency Management Services

We collect, record, and deposit all assessments & other charges on your Association’s behalf as well as pursue delinquent accounts.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Working with vendors and HOA members, we maintain a record of income and expenses. We prepare and disburse payment of charges and obligations incurred by the Association.

Information Management

Utilizing a state of the art data management system we maintain records of all homeowners, vendors, contracts, insurance, W9’s, 1099’s, and more!

Association Management Services

Avenue One Properties services most types of properties and specializes in single family, townhome, patio home, condominium, and master planned HOA communities.

We are dedicated to making your Association operate as smooth as possible. We understand the delicate balance between all the operational elements that make up a well functioning HOA. We work with your members, the board, public and private interests, etc. to ensure that your HOA runs smoothly and works in the interest of its members and Board of Directors. We provide HOA’s with a variety of services designed to fit the needs of your community. Our Community Association Managers are always on staff to assist you with questions and or concerns.

We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of services – in accordance with the exact needs of your association. Talk to us about how we can configure a service package that meets your exact needs and budgets. Please note that the exact level and detail of all services we provide can be varied, based on your association’s needs and budgets.

Ahead of the curve

Meet our Cloud Based HOA Management Solution

From easy account access for each of your community members, to 24/7 support, and clear and concise reporting, our online solution offers a new level of “easy” other HOA management firms can only dream of.

  • Support and implement the latest technology
  • Fully utilize vantaca (our management database and accounting software)
  • Provide clients with an online portal that gives the ability to view and approve invoices and review work order and covenant violation issues
  • Eco-friendly paperless office
  • Cloud-based document storage systems
  • Adaptable workforce; staff that can access data and work from anywhere and at anytime

Our approach to service and technology is simple: we work with the best.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

Easy to read and understand reports based on your associations's needs - designed to make your board’s oversight responsibilities as easy as possible.

Covenant Enforcement

We effectively enforce covenants and rules and regulations. We carefully document each infraction and notify the owner pursuant to the language reflected in the governing documents.

Manage Insurance Requirements

We can negotiate, track and manage all insurance coverages for your community.

Vendor Negotiations, Supervision, & Oversight

From painting and plumbing to landscaping and street repair, the vendor management and contract negotiation tasks get complicated, quickly. We help alleviate the headaches. We have a large selection of pre-approved and qualified service providers and manage the work order process from beginning to end.

Property, Building & Landscape Maintenance

From snow shoveling to landscape maintenance and regular building maintenance, we retain and manage vendors, schedule and check their work according to your HOAs desired level.

Welcoming New Homeowners

We provide an informative welcome letter to all new owners including, how to pay assessments, submit an architectural request, maintenance responsibilities, and more!

Architectural Review Process

We offer a seamless online solution for the architectural & design review process - From the initial requirements, to review, and final approval, all parties can seamlessly participate, offer feedback, and ultimately render a decision all online.

Elections, Governance & Training

Planning, meetings, conducting board elections and other types of meetings are essential to the smooth operation of any association – we help you along the way.