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Developer Services

Tailored to meet the exact needs of your community

Developer Services

We Help Developers Create Winning Communities

Avenue One Properties works closely with developers and builders from the planning stages all the way through the transition of homeowner control. We partner with your team to create a customized plan to help reduce costs, streamline operations and mitigate potential future issues, insuring your master planned community thrives.

We understand your new community HOA development’s needs, and we are with you every step of the way. We know how critical it is to track all the expenditures in pre-development and development stages, and help to keep the funding needs as efficient as possible.

We also understand the importance of providing an unparalleled experience for new homeowners and deliver the lifestyle they expect. Whether the community is a large-scale master-planned community, 55+ age restricted community, luxury high-rise condominium, single family, townhome, or multi-family development, we can help create the lifestyle and community you are developing.
We ensure that the brand and lifestyle of the community you are developing is consistent with your vision for the community. Developing properties need an experienced management company who knows how to prepare build-out budgets, governing documents, and policies, but also a company that understands how to help create and sustain a vibrant healthy community, lifestyle, and brand.